Monday, December 19, 2011

The Twelve Books of Christmas, Part 3

I apologize for taking so long to continue with this oh-so-vital list, but I've been waiting for this particular book to come in -- every time a few arrived they would immediately sell out, so I couldn't peruse it for confirmation that it is an awesome book. Well, I snagged a copy today, and I'm here to tell you that if grooming your cat and ending up with a handful of fluff that you think could be put to some use is your idea of a good time, then this book is awesome. There are instructions for making coin purses, tote bags, book covers, finger puppets and more. What you're doing, really, is felting, which doesn't seem gross when you're using wool (i.e., sheep or goat fur). But when it's your cat -- your cat who coughs up fur balls and tracks cat litter all over the apartment -- it's kinda yucky. Still, the projects are cute and it's a deeeelightful set of projects for serious recyclers.

A must for the world traveler! Who knew that such innocent-seeming moves as rubbing your neck, touching your nose with your index finger, or beckoning someone with a finger could get you in so much trouble? Black and white photos and handy explanations throughout. Rule of thumb: try not to use your left hand for any sort of gesture in the Arab world.

I adore this little book, based on the blog of the same name. In it, real people recreate photos of themselves that are years, often decades, old. Often they are wearing very similar clothing; occasionally they are able to pose in the exact same spot. Spontaneous shots from childhood are wonderfully weird when they are posed for by self-conscious adults. I'm tempted to try to talk my siblings into doing something along these lines!

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