Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Book of the week

Oh my god. An entire book devoted to biscuits! I make a deeeelicious sausage gravy, but I've never been too good at producing the perfect biscuit accompaniment. I don't think I've ever met a biscuit I didn't like, and I'm especially keen to try the recipe herein for Big Nasty Biscuits -- I mean, who wouldn't want to eat something called a Big Nasty Biscuit?

I suppose now is a good time to mention that just yesterday I started the You'll Eat It and Like It Recipe Annex. I wanted a way to store my favorite recipes online so they'd be easily accessible from work or elsewhere if, say, I get a sudden urge to whip up a batch of Sherri's mother-in-law's mac 'n' cheese or Lisa's awesome salsa and need to know the ingredients. If you're interested, you can find the annex here. There's not much listed just yet, but I'm working on it.


Lucy said...

It's so good to see Nathalie Dupree's name again! Mom and I love her and wondered what she's been up to. I love that she's been off on a biscuit project. Nice!

I LOVE the recipe annex. How long has that been up? I love it!

Roman said...

It's like a recipe Cloud!

Thank you!