Monday, September 21, 2009

The thrill of anticipation

Today on my lunch break I drove by the not-quite-opened-yet location of The Counter in Pasadena. A small sign in their window announces that they will be up and running on September 28th, just a week from today. My mouth is already watering -- if I don't go opening day, I will definitely go opening week, and I'll have Norman, Lucy, and my sister Karen in tow, if not my entire family and circle of friends. It's rare that I'm this excited about a restaurant opening, let alone a chain restaurant, but a few years ago Norman and I drove all the way to Santa Monica to sample The Counter's wares, and I've been dreaming of their burgers ever since.

Still . . . it's a whole week away. *sigh* In the meantime, I will have to drool over this article and fantasize about building my perfect burger: Gruyere or Danish bleu cheese? Grilled onions or fried onion strings? Bacon or -- gulp -- Black Forest ham? Decisions, decisions.

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Chris Hyde said...

Sounds wonderful. And they have Danish Bleu Cheese!!!!!!!!!!