Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Impulse items of the week

These are impulse items because they hardly qualify as "books." We have them on display at the back register and they've been a hit with both customers and my fellow employees. If the artwork in these pamphlets is to be believed, both candidates are briefs men -- but only McCain wears a t-shirt. Obama's definitely the better deal for the $7.95 cover price, because you get paper dolls of Michelle and their daughters as well; their presence, however, reduces the size of his wardrobe. McCain, who is competing only with paper Cindy for the closet space between these covers, has plenty of boring old man clothes -- including the bulletproof vest he wore on his trip to Iraq. Sweet!

Obama is outselling McCain 6 to 1.


~ Lucy said...

I saw these the other day and immediately wondered which would be the better seller. Do you have any selling data to share with us? I'm so curious.

Chris Hyde said...

I'm glad Obama is winning in sales. But I'm petrified that the sales won't match the outcome in November!