Monday, September 01, 2008

Another ending

My sister Susan told me at the end of last week that she and her husband are getting divorced. It sounds very amicable, which will ease the pain for their little boy Jake. I really love both of them so it has been hard to think about, although they both seem to be taking it calmly. My poor sister Mary seems more broken up about it than they do.

*Sigh* I guess it won't mean any more Christmas cards like the one they sent out several years ago, when Jake was just a baby. The three of them are posed on the steps of the hot tub deck that Chuck had recently built. There they are, the smiling, happy threesome. . . and it wasn't until after the cards had been mailed that someone noticed the marijuana plants growing in the decorative pots on either side of them. Oops.

Sean's and my tenth anniversary is on Saturday. We're the only ones of our siblings, besides my never-married sister Karen, who haven't been divorced.

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kb said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this and hope that it really goes as smoothly as it can for everyone's sake, particularly Jake's. Oh the flip side, congrats to you and Sean for still going strong after 10 years! I remember your wedding vividly...beautiful scenery, great food...and my all day long morning sickness trying to creep in and spoil the evening :)