Saturday, August 23, 2008

Beginning dump of physical memory

It has been a weird week filled with small unhappinesses that are adding up and taking their toll. As mentioned previously, I am unreasonably envious of my friends' good fortunes. I got rear-ended a few days ago, and although Sean and I weren't injured in any way, I'm now faced with the annoyance of having to deal with insurance companies and auto mechanics. A co-worker just told me that Michael C. (Dexter) Hall is dating the woman who plays his sister on the show and it's creeping me out. It is a gray, bleak morning that soon will give way to a blazingly, pitilessly hot day. Normally I love my job, but today all my routine tasks seem so. . . routine. Isn't this the same thing I do every other day of my life? Customers seem to leave the same tiresome and predictable messes; my co-workers seem to need the same tiresome and predictable things from me. The only break in the monotony is that my work computer picked up a crippling virus somewhere this past week, and this morning when I got to work our IT guy was running some kind of purge on it. "BEGINNING DUMP OF PHYSICAL MEMORY" read my monitor. It sounded sort of appealing and I envied the frozen hunk of technology on my desk.

I came across the new book The Gentle Art of Domesticity while shelving earlier today, and it appeals to me, too. Today I am sick of routine and horror films and rich desserts and insomnia and bad books and feeling ugly and having to be "on" for other people. I have an overwhelming urge to retreat into my home and garden and craft projects, and to wall myself off from the world for a little while. Thank god I have some vacation time coming up in a couple of weeks.


the slackmistress said...

wait, I thought Michael C. Hall was married? When he was on Six Feet Under they made a huge deal of it when he was on talk shows (to show he wasn't gay, and was "acting"? Groan.)

That weirds me out, too.

Feral Mom said...

Hooray for vacation! If you've got the urge to see a juvenile movie with someone who has no critical distance whatsoever, let me know.

Feral Mom said...
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