Monday, May 05, 2008

Nobody wants him. He just stares at the world, planning his vengeance that he will soon unfurl.

On Saturday Norman and I met Lucy and her friend Heidi for a matinee of Iron Man. While Norman hung out in the theatre lobby playing Ms. Pac Man and poor Heidi wandered from theatre to theatre in the multiplex, trying to find us, Lucy and I parked outselves in some excellent seats and took a good look at the crowd around us.

"I think we're the only girls here," said Lucy.

I took another look, then said, "We may not be the only girls, but we're definitely the only women."

Ladies, don't be put off by the second-tier comic book subject matter. Iron Man is thoroughly enjoyable, fast and funny, and Robert Downey, Jr. is delightful. (Of course, I had awfully low expectations for this flick, so maybe I'm mistaking "not terrible" for "pretty darn good.") Also, don't be like us and leave before the end titles are through: I hear we missed a nice little post-credit stinger.


Caveman said...


I loved how Downey Jr. played Tony Stark. Iron Man is the archityple "conflicted man" and he pulls it of nicely.

Cupcake said...

Oh sister, I feel you. We saw Iron Man on Friday night. I sat next to three nerdy disaffected 18-year old girls (one wearing a tuxedo t-shirt), and one nerdy disaffected boy, who all went to great lengths to chortle and guffaw at top volume so that their Utter Coolness was widely known. At some point, being a major fuddy duddy, I asked them to please be quiet. Cool girl #2 said, "It's the fucking trailers. Give me a fucking break."

Welcome to middle age!

Robert Downey Jr., however, was splendid. :)

Feral Mom said...

You don't happen to want to catch Harold and Kumar, do you?

~ Lucy said...

Crap! Really? We missed something? Dammit!

shandon said...

@ cupcake: Damn kids these days! You should check out AnonymousCoworker's equally horrific experience:

@ feral: I sure do. Is that an invitation?

@ lucy: Only the set-up for the sequel!!!

Feral Mom said...

Yes! it is! If you'll have me. I promise not to chew my popcorn too noisily.