Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Name that movie

Over on Tiny Little Reading Room, tinylittlelibrarian has a great meme I thought I'd steal. Here are the rules:

Look up your favorite movies on IMDB. Select a few key phrases from "plot keywords" and list them on your blog; include the movies' genres so it's not impossible. Wait for readers to guess which movies you're talking about. Readers, your only real rule is not to cheat. Ready to play? Good! Let's get started:

[4/28/08: I didn't get many participants. Was it too hard? Or just lame? Anyway, today I'm adding the titles in RED so you know what I was talking about.]

1. candy bar, pregnancy scare, struck by lightning, plastic explosive, synchronized swimming, comedy. Caddyshack

2. rampage, exotic locale, monster as victim, chasm, train wreck, action/adventure. King Kong

3. cockroach, moll, bar brawl, bathtub scene, character name in title, comedy. Victor/Victoria

4. frame up, poker game, counterfeit money, political corruption, rolltop desk, comedy. His Girl Friday

5. child eaten, fingernails on chalkboard, class differences, graffiti, WWII veteran, adventure. Jaws

6. extramarital affair, widow, espresso, superstition, New York skyline, romance. Moonstruck

7. safe house, Christ allegory, internment camp, shot in the head, marijuana, drama. Children of Men

8. witness, cover up, male prostitute, Cuba, mafia, drama. JFK

9. racial violence, hidden in crawlspace, knife in thigh, pornographer, Christmas party, crime. L.A. Confidential

10. wife beater, school dance, sexual curiosity, bludgeoned with log, textile mill, drama. Peyton Place

11. neck breaking scene, nose pushed into brain, strangulation, rough sex, disfigured face, action. A History of Violence

Post your guesses in the comments. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Not to spoil it for others, I'll add keywords of my own:

1. nouveau riche
2. skull
3. soprano
4. sex-change adaptation
5. author/news reporter
6. prosthetic
8. Big Easy
11. coffee shop

Still working on a few...

Curtis said...

Some of these are giving me quite the hard time, but here goes (in yet more key words):

1. Gunga-lagunga (sp?)
2. clay
3. meatball
4. candlestick phone
5. barrel
6. swash
8. Clay
9. Australians
10. wrapped in plastic

shandon said...

Each of Anonymous' additions is correct. Curtis, #2 is incorrect (unless I'm forgetting something), as is #10, although I know what you're guessing there. Here's another clue for #10: sissy.

Becca said...

What a super fun meme! You have a fun blog here, thanks for the link!