Monday, April 14, 2008

How's Annie? She ain't doing so swell

I am so bloody sick of feeling sick. For the past week, it seems as if I've had something new every day: a touch of the flu, a headache, a mild bladder infection. . . I woke up last Friday, my birthday, with a sore throat that has since turned into a major cold, complete with chest congestion and completely clogged sinuses. Since nothing seems to be making me feel better, I've decided to go cold turkey on all the over-the-counter remedies I usually turn to in these situations and let everything just ache, swell, fester, etc. at its own rate and work itself out. That's the goal, anyway; we'll see how long I can go before I cave, utter a small prayer, and reach for my trusty DayQuil.

Yesterday was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day that I should have spent working in my garden. Instead, I lay curled on the couch under a blanket (in ninety-plus-degree heat!) and watched a mini-marathon of Twin Peaks, one of my all-time favorite shows. Sean gave me the complete series on DVD for my birthday so I can treat myself to an episode or two whenever I want. If I'd had more energy yesterday I probably would have torn through a few more, but even watching TV proved too exhausting for me after a couple of hours and I had to simply rest.

In case you ever wondered how this blog got its name, "How's Annie?" are the final words uttered, repeatedly, by Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks' last episode.

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Trooperdog said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. And Happy Belated Birthday!!!