Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hmmph. Anyone who's anyone knows that Larry was the best Stooge.


I rejoined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. I haven't dropped many pounds yet, but I've been good about going to my weekly meetings. Yesterday, after I'd checked in and was waiting for the meeting to get underway, a woman walked in and loudly asked, "What is Weight Watchers? What's the difference between you guys and Jenny Craig?" It was five minutes to five, when the meeting was set to begin, and there was a line of people waiting to check in and get weighed. But Sheila, the group leader, patiently started explaining how Weight Watchers works. The prospective new member kept asking questions VERY LOUDLY, and I think it was obvious to everyone present that she was interested in losing a lot of weight very fast and as cheaply as possible.

All in all, no big deal, except that she had brought her two loud, obnoxious, fat children with her, and they kept running around and getting in people's way. Worst of all, they had been to the nearby Baskin-Robbins before they showed up, and each of them was eating a bowl of ice cream. I do my best never to be judgmental at Weight Watchers meetings, just as I hope other members will not be judgmental of me. But I couldn't help wondering if anyone would think badly of me if I slugged those two brats out of the way, stole their ice cream, and made a run for the exit.

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~ Lucy said...

Hell, I woulda joined you and cackled wildly the whole way.