Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He saw what I did and he knows who I am!

Last night, as Curtis and I were heading out the door to meet up with Sean and Norman and to see Persepolis (a fantastic movie, by the way -- do see it if you get the chance), Curtis mentioned that he'd noticed the messages light blinking on the answering machine. I decided to give a listen before we left the house for the evening.

The first was a recording from the mayor of Pasadena, urging me to vote "yes" on -- DELETE! Man, I hate those prerecorded political messages and cannot clear them off my answering machine fast enough.

The second message, though, took me aback.

"Hi," said a vaguely familiar voice. "This is Stevie Wonder."

Stevie Wonder? Panic hit me. Oh my god, what was going on? Did he read the snarky post I wrote about him last week? Was he angry? How did he get my phone number? How could he possibly figure out who I am?

"I just called to say I love you," sang Stevie, "and to ask you to vote for my friend, Barack Obama."

Panic subsided and was replaced by mild irritation. Nothing but another political ad. DELETE! But I was glad I had voted for Obama . . . you know, just in case.


Caveman said...

That is the exact reason why I never write about Steve Wonder. Just because he's blind doesn't mean he can't run you down in a snow plow...wait, it does.
Now I'm going to hell.

Will said...

The sadly departed Town Tire and Auto shop near my house had a signed photo of Stevie on the wall. Good to know that's where Stevie took his cars.

Chris Hyde said...

That's hysterical!

Feral Mom said...

I have to admit my heart started pounding the minute you said Stevie Wonder called, and only slowed down slightly when you revealed it was a recording. Still. I am never making fun of Steve Wonder again.

kb said...

At this point, the mere mention of the man is going to be enough to make me run the other way. Thanks!