Monday, February 11, 2008

Fictive flings

Last week I came across this entertaining look at "7 of Literature's Most Desirable Leading Men." I admit that I'm not terribly familiar with several of bookdom's hotties -- it is with shame, for instance, that I reveal that I've never cracked a book by Jane Austen or any of the Brontes. Still, having seen the movies based on their stories, I can agree that Mr. Darcy and Mr. Rochester seem like solid choices; and I know, from having read the books in which they appear, that Almanzo Wilder and George Emerson had to be included on the list.

My own additions to the leading man list would be Jamie Frasier, from Diana Gabaldon's delightful Outlander series, and P.I. Elvis Cole, the star of Robert Crais's entertaining mystery series. A few weeks ago, Sean asked me who was on my "freebie list" and I said nobody, but I kind of lied; in reality, fictional Elvis Cole (whom I imagine bears a strong physical resemblance to his creator) poses an enormous sexual threat to our marriage. One of the happiest days of my reading life occurred when Elvis and his girlfriend broke up.

In other media, Aragorn of The Lord of the Rings movies catches my fancy. I used to believe I had a bit of a crush on Viggo Mortensen, but I eventually realized that Viggo, while undoubtedly a lovely man, is a bit quiet and wan for my tastes. No, it's sweaty, dynamic, heroic yet sensitive Aragorn (in other words, a completely made-up creature) I have a thing for. I'd be afraid to put Aragorn on my freebie list, though; Aragorn would scorn a girl trivial enough to have a freebie list.

So . . . who's the fictional hero or heroine who most turns you on?


~ Lucy said...

Captain Wentworth, from "Persuasion", is fast becoming a favorite. He wrote what it possible the most romantic letter EVER. "You pierce my soul"?! Come on! That's great stuff.

Feral Mom said...

Laurie and Jo, both of Little Women. And both technically underage, I realize, but there you go. I've already admitted my crush on Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, so I figure I've already scraped the bottom of the barrel in terms of depravity.

Good call on Aragorn versus Viggo and on the hotness of Mr. Darcy, even if one hasn't read any damn Austen.

Caveman said...

Stated Simply: Blanche DuBois via Vivien Leigh

(end statement)