Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Later that same bad day...

I was right! That missing planchette is screwing with my universe.

First, I got stuck setting up a display of neckties and boxer shorts. I am the merchandising manager and I know it is my job to feature in as delightful a manner possible anything the buyers bring in, but COME ON. This is a bookstore, fer cryin' out loud, and while we have always carried a wide variety of merchandise, I draw the line at men's underwear.

Second, while I was placing some new books on the recent releases table, I said to a coworker, "I can't believe it -- this is the second biography of Ethel Merman published in the last couple of weeks!" She said, "Who's Ethel Merman?" which necessitated my singing "Everything's Coming Up Roses" in my best Ethel Merman warble. It was humiliating.

Third, this arrived today and I was forced to cede the best display space in the store to it:

It's going to be a terrible week, I'm telling you.


This blogger seems very sad, but she's a good writer and I feel for her: Beyond My Slab

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kb said...

Men's underwear? You've got to be kidding! Is that right next to the display of push-up bras and thongs?