Friday, October 12, 2007

Read any good books, eh?

Mike, a co-worker who hails from Canada, emailed this article about favorite underrated books to a number of us and set off a small flurry of responses.

Shandon: I have not read a single novel on that list. (hanging my head in shame)

Sherri: I’ll stand next to you with my head hanging in shame as well.

Robyn: I read The Debt to Pleasure when it came out. Shandon & Sherri, you’d probably really like it. It involves a lot of culinary stuff (including random recipes placed throughout the book that are part of the story). Very well-written and original. And I’ve only read the first 30-40 pages of Oh Pure and Radiant Heart, a novel about the nuclear bomb.

Mike: Must the Canuckistani once again rise above the rabble?! Eat yer hearts out, I've read TWO, count 'em, TWO authors on this list! The great George Pelecanos, and the late, great Barbara Seranella.

Sherri: Do all Canadians gloat like this, or is it just something you excel at?

Mike: Canadians (or Canadiens if you're from La Belle Province) have no reason to gloat! Except of course for hockey, SCTV, Alexander Graham Bell, Frank Gehry, Chester Brown, Neil Young, Margaret Atwood, Wayne Gretzky, and univeral health care.

Sherri: You left out William Shatner and Moosehead beer.

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~ Lucy said...

That is a great example of why I MIGHT consider keeping my job even if I won the lottery. I love the torment and sarcasm that gets tossed around the office every day. It's what gets me out of bed every morning.