Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Fall (or at least Indian summer, which passes for fall in this neck of the woods) is upon us, and naturally my thoughts turn to my favorite holiday, Halloween. Actually, Halloween is neck-and-neck with Christmas, which makes The Nightmare Before Christmas the most perfect holiday movie of all time. But Halloween comes first so that's what I'm concentrating on; more specifically, I'm thinking about our occasionally annual pumpkin carving party.

A few years ago I hit upon the idea of having a party a day or two before the big night. We'd invite guests to our house for copious amounts of tasty and unhealthy food and an opportunity to carve their jack o'lanterns, a task which all too often is left until the last minute and leaves carvers with less-than-stellar results. While guests aren't required to come in costume, we always strongly encourage it; we love seeing adults in costumes -- grown-ups don't play dress up often enough, in my opinion. Our almost-annual party has grown to include decorations galore, a palm reader (well, me reading palms), and spooky videos. This year my friend Robyn has volunteered to read tarot cards, and I'm throwing in a pinata for the kids. Speaking of kids, while we at The Shambles don't have children of our own, we enjoy having them as guests, especially when they are hopped up on sugar and wielding knives.

I didn't host a pumpkin carving party last year, and now I can't remember why. Perhaps I felt tired and overworked, or maybe I was in the doldrums. I do remember that not having the party left me feeling sort of sad and dissatisfied, a mood I wasn't able to shake until I started planning my family's annual Christmas get-together, which Sean and I got to host last year. I guess I just need to go a little crazy once a year planning some big holiday bash.

Remembrances of Halloweens past:

Curtis Allan Poe.

Rev. Steve offers Catholic schoolgirl Norman absolution.

How's Annie? Sadly, she has bubonic plague.


~ Lucy said...

I remember why you didn't have the party, you were mysteriously NOT in the mood. I recall you being a bit confused by your attitude but not terribly concerned.

Having only attended one of your Halloween parties, the year before, I was disappointed but not desperately so. Missing out last year though has made me more than excited about this year's festivities.

Now I just need to figure out what to wear. Oh my God... the pressure!

Curtis said...

What's the matter with that girl?

And why is her picture appearing on this blog? I feel like a precedent is being broken. Like when Rick agrees to have a drink with Ilse and Victor Laszlo.

What's it all about, Alfie?

Anonymous said...

Is that real or fake? If so, dont make fun. That actually exists in the 1834.