Monday, October 08, 2007

Burn, baby, burn

Banned Books Week ended Saturday. Too bad I didn't discover The Happy Endings Foundation until this morning -- pointing out this organization's activities would have been a great way to promote what not to do to books you don't care for. Seriously, check these folks out. You'll be amazed by the hatred and intolerance served up with the thinnest of shiny, sugary coatings. Please note that they'll be holding a public book burning on November 5th; I won't even mention what they're doing to Halloween... *sob*

*** UPDATE 10/9/07 ***
Via Be the Boy (hi, Will!) I learned that The Happy Endings Foundation is a hoax. Thank goodness! So save your righteous indignation for another day, Robyn -- I'm sure something equally awful, not to mention real, will come down the pike soon.


Curtis said...

Here's a new happy ending for a particular children's book - a favorite of mine: when they bring Jesus before Pilate and Pilate says that Jesus hasn't done anything wrong, everyone says, "Oh, all right. We were just fooling." And they all hold hands and sing songs and go skipping in the meadow and picking flowers. And for the next 2000... well, write your own happy ending.

~ Lucy said...

OH MY GOD. That is one of the most ridiculous sites I've ever seen. The founder left her job as a tax inspector to bring happy endings to all? Talk about irony. Why do I KNOW her precious daughter broke away and Mommy Dearest blames Lemony Snicket for it all? I've got three words for that kid: Run Carrie, run!