Monday, January 01, 2007


Perhaps it is not the wisest idea to base one's New Year's resolution -- and thus one's potential New Approach to Living -- on a bumper sticker, but that's what I'm doing this year:
That one sentence encompasses not only every New Year's resolution I've ever made, but also every half-formed wish or deal I've ever made with myself. Maybe it's because I'm 40 this year, but simply telling myself yet again that I'm going to lose some weight just has no appeal. I feel like I need to reassess my whole life, to look at all its components, and see what is working and what needs changing. Am I a good enough wife? Do I treat my friends as well as they deserve to be treated? Am I taking care of myself, too? That one sentence is a challenge, but it also gives me hope that 2007 will be interesting and rewarding.

50.9 degrees F
66.5 lbs above goal weight
1 book finished in 2007 (The Fugitive Wife by Peter C. Brown)
1 movie seen in 2007 (Notes on a Scandal)
mood: optimistic


~ Lucy said...

I like it.

I must always remember that I wanted to be Auntie Mame!

Trooperdog said...

I like it too. It gives good perspective.