Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New math

While at work today, I overheard two older ladies (probably early to mid-70s) discussing a book they saw on a display.

Woman #1: The Bell Jar! I read that book a hundred years ago!
Woman #2: Well, we're not that old.
Woman #1: No, but I read it ages and ages ago. How old is it anyway?
[Sound of pages being turned as she searches for the copyright date]
Woman #2: It's probably the 1960s.
Woman #1: Oh, at least. Here it is -- 1971.
Woman #2: That's pretty old.
Woman #1: Yes. What is that, 25 years ago?
Woman #2: Yes, at least.

Yes, at least.

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~ Lucy said...

You would know better than I but "The Bell Jar" seems to get the best comments. I remember overhearing some poor man asking a book merchant for "Some book clled The Bell Jar. My daughter asked for it." I just thought "Oh dear, you poor man."

As for the math... I'd rather not think about exactly how many years have passed since 1971. Is that the right date anyway? I would have guessed early to mid 60's, but what do I know.