Monday, November 06, 2006


This afternoon, when I got home from work, there was a very large box, strapped to a pallet, in our driveway. I didn't need to open it to find out what it was. In fact, I barely looked at it as I walked by. I went into the house and called Sean at work and told him, "Your Dr. Who pinball machine is here."

For many years, it has been a dream of Sean and Curtis to own their very own Dr. Who pinball machine. When all three of us lived in Indiana and the boys were going to Purdue, they loved to visit the pinball arcade at the Levee Laundry and play Dr. Who; I'd join them occasionally, although I preferred the Addams Family pinball machine. Anyway, they always swore that if their production company ever made enough money, they would buy a Dr. Who for themselves. So far, their production company has made very little money, but I guess a vintage Dr. Who pinball machine isn't that expensive. At least it will keep them out of the pool halls and bars.

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