Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The last supper

Last night I had dinner with my sisters Mary and Susan. Susan and her family are moving to Oregon tomorrow so we wanted a last chance to get together, because who knows when we'll all see each other again? Susan requested that we dine at her favorite eating establishment, Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles in Pasadena. Susan, her kid Jake, and Mary's kid Cameron all had the classic #18, a single piece of chicken and a waffle. (When her dinner was set down in front of her, Cameron said, "That waffle looks as good as me!") Mary followed my lead and ordered the Big Mamma Special: smothered potatoes, scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, and a biscuit. No one said anything sad or even heartfelt; we just chatted and tried in vain to get the kids to stop blowing bubbles in their milk. When we said goodbye, it was more of a "See you!" than a farewell, as if we'll all be getting together over the weekend. Susan's leaving doesn't seem quite real.

Roscoe's, by the way, runs a clean establishment and doesn't allow felines on their tables; that's Cameron's toy Baby Cat checking out the victuals.


~ Lucy said...

Awww! That makes me sad.

It also makes me hungry for Chicken and Waffles!!! When do we get to go?!

Norman said...

Lucille demands an answer. I demand an invite.

Chris Hyde said...

So where in Oregon is she moving to? If she will be anywhere near Portland, and you come to visit, we'll have to get together!!!