Friday, July 22, 2011

Potato harvest!

A tiny crop of tiny potatoes. Considering most people I know haven't any potatoes at all to harvest, I feel pretty lucky. I need to figure out something special to do with these little guys, which are a mix of Yukon Golds and Red Golds. Mmmm, maybe something along the lines of this?


kb said...

Your potatoes look wonderful! They are something I've never even thought to grow in our garden. Definitely go for the bacon wrapped potato bites...sounds delicious!

Pile Girl said...

A nutritionist once told me that the gold and red potatoes have fewer carbohydrates than russets. So this is the kind I buy. I use them for baked potatoes, and it's probably better for me to have a smaller potato.

Erica said...

Love your potatoes! Looks good!

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