Saturday, September 18, 2010

Don't stand so close to me

Last night Norman and I went to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood to see Escape from New York. As is our habit, we parked at the Metro station in Universal City and took the train one stop to Hollywood and Highland, then walked the couple of blocks to the theatre. Escape from New York was pretty fun; I can't believe I've never seen it before.

On the train ride back to Universal City, an older Asian woman was walking through the car, asking for money. "Would you like to make a donation to . . . ," she kept saying, her voice trailing off so that I couldn't hear exactly what she wanted money for. She seemed to be soliciting donations for some kind of newspaper. She had a pronounced accent and a sing-songy voice, so that it sounded as if she were saying "lieeeeeek." Everyone kept turning her down but she seemed determined to try absolutely every person in the car. Norman and I were clinging to a central pole near one of the exits when she approached us.

"Would you lieeeeeek --"

"No," Norman snapped. "Don't touch me."

As the woman moved off, he whispered to me, "She was touching me."

A moment later he said, almost apologetically, "If you were soliciting donations for the homeless, I'd let you touch me."

"No you wouldn't," I said.

"You're probably right," he admitted.

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Lucy said...

Ok, that definitely tops the time I told that strange lady that she could NOT have my phone. Well done, Norman!