Monday, July 05, 2010

Other people's photos

Last week my coworker Jan brought in a couple family pictures to photocopy. I offered to scan them for her instead, then print them out on photo paper. She happily agreed. The above is my favorite of the photos -- it's Jan at about age 5 (I think she's 57 now).

Today she brought in another photo she thought I'd be interested in. Her grandmother took this one in 1934 somewhere in the Grapevine north of L.A. Do you recognize the guy in the picture?

It's Clark Gable. Jan's family (although of course Jan was not yet on the scene) was traveling by car over the Grapevine and Jan's mom, then about 12 or 13, was suffering from her usual carsickness; the family stopped to give her time to recover. Gable was filming It Happened One Night in the area and kindly posed for a snapshot.

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Pile Girl said...

Wow! That is so cool!