Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Book of the week

From the Publishers Weekly review: "Dedicated to helping novices 'cook an amazing meal and bring out their date's inner slut,' Walker presents basic cooking and entertaining techniques doused in graphic anecdotes, casual insults, frat-boy innuendos and plenty of disdain for the opposite sex. Sound advice on presentation, kitchen essentials, wine pairings, and flirting is buried amidst Walker's steadfast commitment to the low road, including digressions on farting, recipe titles like 'Tap That Ass-paragus Soup' and 'Miso Horny Cod,' and witless bon mots like, 'boozing has always been as American as apple pie eaten off Betsy Ross' tits.'"

"Classy," said my boss. Guess we won't be hosting an event with the author anytime soon.

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