Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I learned today

From Wikipedia:

"Resistentialism is a jocular theory in which inanimate objects display hostile desires towards human beings. For example, objects that cause problems (like lost keys or a fleeing bouncy ball) exhibit a high degree of resistentialism. In other words, a war is being fought between humans and inanimate objects, and all the little annoyances objects give people throughout the day are battles between the two. The term was coined by humorist Paul Jennings in a piece titled 'Report on Resistentialism,' published in The Spectator in 1948 . . . The slogan of Resistentialism is 'Les choses sont contre nous' -- 'Things are against us.'"

UPDATE (10:02 a.m.): Oooooh, related!

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Lucy said...

I've seen that "Shawn Stabs himself" clip before. I favorite part is at the end when that drunk slurs "We may need emergency surgery in the studio." Well played wingnut, well played.