Saturday, May 22, 2010

Say it ain't so!

Yesterday I stopped by Moffet's Chicken Pie Shop to pick up some uncooked potpies for lunch today. I bought two chicken and two beef; I also had the guy at the counter throw in a container of chicken gravy. I didn't see any tubs of beef gravy in the refrigerated case and asked if they had some.

"Sure, in the kitchen. It's hot," the guy said.

I hemmed and hawed for a couple of seconds. My plan was to put the refrigerated pies and gravy in an ice-filled cooler in my car and leave them there for the evening while I went out to dinner and a play. Hot gravy sounded like a case of food poisoning just waiting to happen. I was about to tell the guy no thanks when he surprised me.

"The beef gravy is the same thing as the chicken gravy. It's just got food coloring in it."

Actually, he went on to say that Moffet's beef gravy has Kitchen Bouquet in it, but still. Jeez! My mom used Kitchen Bouquet occasionally in gravies and stews and I might even have a bottle tucked away in my own pantry, but I never thought a restaurant would 'fess up to it. Much more upsetting than finding out about Moffet's little secret is learning that Kitchen Bouquet is made by the Clorox Company. Ewwwww!


Lucy said...

Well, that IS upsetting. Of course, it's not upsetting enough to keep me from future Moffet's pot pies. In fact I'd have to learn they were made of cats before I'd even CONSIDER walking away from them.

Is that wrong?

kb said...

WHAT?!?! I had no idea. Guess my taste buds are way off if I can't tell the difference. Oh well, disappointed as I may be, I'm still going to go there.