Monday, February 22, 2010

A death in Dublin

Nearly every day I check Wikipedia's deaths in 2010 page to see who has died recently and to figure out where I stand in my dead pool. (I am currently in the lead, with one death to my credit. Er, I mean . . . ) There were no significant deaths over the weekend, i.e., ones that will help me pull even farther ahead in the race, but I am intrigued by the description of one fellow who died yesterday: "Niall McCrudden, 45, Irish optician and socialite." Optician and socialite? 'Tis true.


Lucy said...

I had no idea this page even exisited but you better believe I"ll be checking in frequently.

As for your lead, well, I'm still pulling for Cheney. That Dick can't live forever.

Lucy said...

Also, I can't BELIEVE Alexander Haig slipped by us. HOW was he not on anyone's list?!