Sunday, November 08, 2009

1963, redux

Tonight is the season finale of Mad Men, a show I love more than any other I have watched in years. It's less than an hour until the thirteenth and final episode begins, and I'm sitting in my kitchen with my best friend Norman, listening to a podcast interview with Matthew Weiner and waiting impatiently for 10 p.m. Yesterday I came across this picture of my parents, taken with May Lensing, an old friend of the family, and it occurred to me that it was taken right around the time that the current season of Mad Men is taking place. My parents would have been almost exactly the same ages as Betty and Don Draper, which always gives me an odd shiver: I feel as if I have a tiny but very firm connection to this fictional world.


Kelly said...

Who would the 4th place setting belong to? And what is the occasion - I see a corsage.

shandon said...

I don't know what the occasion is, but I assume the fourth place setting belongs to the cameraman -- O.B. Lensing, May's husband.