Saturday, October 24, 2009

The lost links of You'll Eat It and Like It

Often, when I'm cruising around the web, I come across interesting-looking sites that I don't have time to fully check out at that moment. I'll email myself a link to the site so I can come back later and explore it in depth. Sometimes -- and now is one of those times in my life -- I am busy enough that those emailed links pile up and I never seem to get around to looking at them, let alone bookmarking them. Here are some of the sites I've come across in the last few months that warrant further attention:

The Periodic Table Printmaking Project

Meditations on the Perfect Burger

The Footnotes of Mad Men

Lili's Bookbinding Blog

Jam Today


the Manbroidery flickr pool

How to build your own letterpress


The Secret Language of Families

Bascom Hogue's red work

Zombie Boogie by Mad Tea Party

Shadow Manor: The Art of Darkness

Cupcake Project

Taxidermy werewolf head

Nerd boyfriend

If you get a chance to check any of these out, let me know what you think, because who knows when I'll ever get around to it?

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