Friday, September 04, 2009

Cheesy but true

It sounds like some early twentieth century ploy to attract emigrants, but it really happened: This morning I opened my window, reached out, and picked a ripe lemon from my own tree. Sometimes I really love California.


~ Lucy said...

Thanks for sharing a nice CAlifornia story. Between the fires and heat it's been rough going lately. I will always love it here but I sometimes forget after hearing fire fighter helicopters fly by all afternoon.

I think I'll go pick a lemon out back and make some lemonade. I just hope I don't see another rattler.

kb said...

I love this!! Until we remodeled, we used to be able to reach out our bathroom window and pick an orange off the tree. And, in the spring, we'd open up the windows and smell the orange blossoms. It was wonderful!