Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm going to hell

I just found out that a girl I was pretty good friends with in high school choir died suddenly of a rare form of breast cancer. We had become friends on Facebook a few months ago, and today I realized I hadn't heard anything from or about her in ages. I looked her up in my friends list to link to her page, and she wasn't there. I looked her up in the search box and found her immediately. At some point, she must have unfriended me.

I immediately went from dismayed at her early demise to hurt and angry that we were no longer virtual friends.


Will said...

Maye if she had stayed your friend on Facebook things would have turned out better for he.

Now who's going to hell?

Anonymous said...

She was probably going through a lot and it wasn't personal.

You're not going to hell, but I bet hell is far more entertaining than heaven...

~ Lucy said...

I'm apparently going to hell too. The first thing I wondered after reading this was wat I might do if I ever found myself in that predicament. I might just write in my update "I'm going into the light now."

That's f'd up, huh?

BTW, who was it?

Mr Maskrado said...

"GOING to hell?"


(Sam Kinison-like scream)

Anonymous said...

Yes...who was it? I"m curious!

shandon said...

Erin Crowe.