Saturday, July 04, 2009

America, America

Nothing says "celebrate our nation's independence" like explosives and racist images. (Although "Golliwog's Cake Walk" by Claude Debussy is one of my favorite pieces of piano music, and it's incredibly fun -- if difficult -- to play. I never let a little bigotry get in the way of some crossed-hands piano playing. Check out a recording of the composer himself performing it here.)

Happy 4th of July!


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Mr Maskrado said...

A pair of mutual friends who will remain unnamed (okay, their names rhyme with "Jason" and "Jezebel") returned from England semi-recently and gave me a Goliwog doll for a gift.

It's a fine and treasured present, almost as beloved as the Norris/Seagal 2012 presidential campaign T-Shirt that they also brought for me, but I'll have to hide it if the NAACP ever holds a meeting in my garage.