Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Road food

If you're ever in Downey and looking for a good meal, may I suggest Chris' and Pitt's Bar-B-Q? Lucy, Norman and I stopped there for lunch on Saturday while on an ill-fated journey to find Southern California's last dollhouse shop, and man, was it good! Pictured above is my chicken fried steak. It was so enormous that I had to stand up to get everything in the shot. That tiny circle to the right of the plate is a quarter, which Lucy suggested I place there for perspective. Unfortunately, the quarter is so dwarfed by the steak that it looks like a dust mote or something. Anyway, besides the enormous portions, other signs that Chris' and Pitt's is a worthwhile stop: it's been around since 1949, crackers served with the salad, enormous water glasses, full sets of silverware for every diner (none of this giving you a spoon only if you order soup), two bottles of homemade BBQ sauce on every table, proper punctuation in the restaurant's name. Oh, and bear and mounted deer head statuary in the lobby.


Kelly said...

There is also another one in the SFV on Sherman Way (memory and age maynot be compatible on this one). Ate there often and you can purchase the BBQ in the stores.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I grew up in Downey and recently I went back to Chris & Pitts for the first time in 30 years or so. Going back was a good time, for sure (and they do treat you right), but I thought the bbq was only fair. There's better to be found closer to home, if it's just bbq you're after.