Thursday, May 07, 2009

Do I really need ANOTHER hobby?

Not only do I not have time for a new hobby, I really don't have the room to display the finished products. But these Moebius Monster Scene Kits just look so fun! I especially like the hanging cage -- it brings back memories of merry olde England. I could lock my Matthew Broderick action figure in it!


iasa said...

Those look fabulous. They would look even better on the tops of my bookcases.

~ Lucy said...

"Hanging Cage"! I was recently trying to remember the right term for those because I was just telling a friend about the one I VIVIDLY remember hanging at Warwick Castle. It was hard to forget. The fact that this one is disturbingly illustrated next to a sword and and some sort of dubious looking container holding burning embers makes it that much more creepy.

I love it!

Mr Maskrado said...

They're kinda like the Aurora models kits (only they don't have glowing parts, and they probably don't cost a small fortune).

Just don't get addicted to the smell of modeling glue!