Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going through the change

Every now and then, one of the buyers gets an advance reading copy of some book she thinks I'll like and leaves it in my mailbox. Take a good look at the above book, which is being published in August: a biography of a woman wrestler. Great retro look, an arresting photograph that's been tinted with that period feel. Kind of a cool thing to find in your mailbox, no? Well, this is not actually the book I found. I found this:

Eep! Same book, rejected artwork. I look at this book and I wonder what the buyers think I'm into?

1 comment:

Mr Maskrado said...

And, um, NOBODY thought that *I* would want to read this?

I, who can recite the opening rap from the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling?

Do you people even KNOW me?