Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blankie wars

All right, kids, in the hideous-sleeved-blanket wars, who wins the smackdown: the Snuggie or the Slanket? Slanket wins points for offering itself in more colors (I guess that's a plus), but suffers a major setback in nomenclature. I mean, does the company even have a marketing department? Who on earth decided "Slanket" was a great name for a product? "Slanket, the skanky blanket!"

Ooooh, but wait! There's a dark horse on the scene now: the Nuddle!

(Pictured above is the Slanket, but really, who can tell the difference?)


~ Lucy said...

For some reason my niece is obsessed with getting her little hands on a Snuggie. I finally just gve her a fluffy promo robe that my folks got with their mattress purchase. I had her put it on backwards but she wasn't having it. The kid wants a Snuggie. Kids these days!

Iasa said...

My son wants one also. I tell him we're old school, go put on a sweater.