Monday, November 03, 2008

Making it easy to be a good citizen

I always vote in major elections (and most of the minor ones, too). Some of it, I guess, is a desire to be -- and be thought of as -- a good citizen. I also think it's fun: I like being a part of a nationwide event and getting to share in the thrill or heartbreak of an election's outcome. I'm hoping for a thrill this year. I know the half-dozen loyal people who make up my vast readership are all planning to cast their ballots, so I don't need to give y'all any kind of pep talk to go and get out the vote.

I've noticed, though, that some places are making it especially enticing to be a voter this year. Starbucks, for instance, is giving away a free cup of coffee to anyone who comes in on November 4th and tells them, "I voted today." Ben & Jerry's is giving a free scoop of ice cream to voters on the evening of Election Day. Hamlet Restaurant (at least the Pasadena location) is offering 10% off your meal to anyone who shows them an "I Voted" sticker. Even my own place of employment is giving a 10% discount to folks displaying the "I Voted" sticker. So don't just vote, people: get that sticker and then start making the rounds. Who knows what other great freebies might be out there for people who have done their civic duty?

Actually, if you've heard of any other great Election Day freebies, let me know.


kb said...

It's a pretty sad state when you have to lure people in to vote with the promise of food if they do so. Of course I already voted, but if there's free coffee, I'm there!

~ Lucy said...

Krispy Kreme is giving away a free red, white and blue donut to all who wear their "I Voted" sticker. Woo hoo!