Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bread and circuses

From today's Huffington Post:

Palin also claimed she was eager for the debate since the media had been 'censoring' her: "Getting to speak directly to Americans without that filter of mainstream media trying to I think maybe censor some of my comments as we lay out those contrasts between these two different tickets."

That's not even a sentence. God, I can't wait until the debate!

UPDATE ::: 6:40 P.M.
Ooooh, I think I could have some fun with this.


Kate in Shandon said...

I think the "breath of fresh air" that people seem to think she brings to our current political climate is merely the wind whistling between her ears. I will be watching with a big, fat cocktail.

Trooperdog said...

Isn't the Huffington Post great? I love it!

Anonymous said...

While watching her during the debate I had to constantly remind myself that I was NOT actually watching SNL. I wanted to slap her every time she winked.