Thursday, September 11, 2008

At last!

Sean and Curtis' first feature film is finally going to be available on DVD! You can pre-order it through Amazon as well as some other online outlets that Sean told me about but I've now forgotten in the excitement. The release date is November 4.

Sean directed this fine, old-school horror film. He and Curtis wrote it together, and you can see Curtis onscreen in a substantial supporting role. My pal Norman also appears in a dialogue-free but crucial bit part, billed as, I believe, "Man with Dog." I'm not in the movie but my hard work is evident all over the place -- I worked as the caterer, and although the actors are all quite trim, clearly none of them are starving. I consider it a job well done.

Anyway, if you have the constitution for graphic gore and enjoy hearing the line "What the fuck?" repeatedly, consider purchasing a copy and supporting your local independent filmmakers. You can watch a trailer for The Craving here.

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Chris Hyde said...

Congratulations to Sean and Curtis. That's awesome!