Thursday, July 03, 2008

Recipe for success!

Last night Team You'll Eat It and Like It attended the 48-Hour Film Project's "Best of L.A." screening. We'd already been informed that we'd won an Audience Favorite award for Recipe for Danger, and it was delightful to pick up four additional prizes at the awards ceremony after the screening: Best Acting, Best Comedy, an honorable mention for Best Graphics, and -- my favorite -- a special award for Best Use of Non-required Dialogue. That line ("Ow! Mrs. Stevenson, that really hurt!") doesn't make any sense out of context, but it gets a huge laugh every time we screen the film.

After the screening, Sean congratulated me on being an award-winning film producer, and I decided on the spot that that's what I want my gravestone to say: "Beloved wife, sister, friend, and award-winning film producer."

Right now Recipe for Danger isn't available on, the 48HFP's "show and tell" website, but you can watch a couple of our previous films, Significant Others and World Domination for Beginners.

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~ Lucy said...

Congrats to all! Sorry I missed it. I'll make it one of these days.