Thursday, June 26, 2008

What not to do

Today I asked Laura P., head of our customer service department, about the worst job applicants she'd ever interviewed. She told me about one guy who, when asked what he felt was his biggest area of weakness, gazed off into space for an uncomfortably long time; Laura was about to say something to bring him back to reality when he finally looked at her and said, "I get distracted easily."

Rochelle, who is Laura's assistant manager, overheard us and offered a story: She was at the receptionist's desk one day when a young man approached her and said, "Let me have an application." Rochelle handed him an application and he said, "Let me borrow your pen." He started to fill out the application right there at the counter and Rochelle said, "You can take that over to our events area and sit down to fill it out."

"Okay," the guy said. "Hey, are the managers here dicks?"

Rochelle smiled sweetly and said, "No, I think we're really nice."

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