Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just kidding, folks! Here's the real book of the week

From the dustjacket: "Born Juanita Slusher in Edna, Texas, in 1935, the entertainer who became Candy Barr was perhaps the last great dancer in burlesque, a stripper who insisted on live, improvisational music and who commanded $2000 a week in 1950s Las Vegas. But before starting her burlesque career she was victimized by a Dallas subculture known as 'the Capture' that enslaved her into prostitution, forcing her to turn over 4000 tricks a year before she was able to escape. Her ordeal -- graphically retold in this raw, unvarnished account -- offers insight into a postwar Texas ethos of misogyny whose only taboos in the treatment of girls like Juanita were facial disfigurement and murder."

A little light reading for the weekend.

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