Friday, June 20, 2008

I always feel like somebody's watching me

A few months ago, I installed a Sitemeter counter on this blog. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe it was because Feral Mom occasionally mentions her obsession with her Sitemeter stats and I was in the mood to obsess over something new. But, as my number of visits per day has averaged 18 to 20 since the meter was installed, with the average visit length under a minute, I haven't found much to obsess over and rarely check my numbers to see who's visiting. I took a little peek today, however, and checked back a week or so to see what brings folks to How's Annie? Besides my few beloved regular readers, people tend to end up here because they are searching for the following:

This picture of Robbie Benson (far and away my #1 hit)

This picture of CBGB's filthy bathroom

"Irish porn" (one visitor, not to be fooled, specified "real Irish porn" and still ended up here -- sorry, guy)

"Shakespeare gotta get paid, son"

"Plum glut"

"eat it and like it anne" (freakily too close to home, until I realized someone was probably looking for this)

A little boring, huh? If I were running a less PG-rated blog I might get more (and more exciting) hits, but I'm kinda stuck in my what-I-did-today groove and don't have the energy to jack things up. I do get visitors from all over the world, though a large number, for some reason, seem to be from various spots in Arizona or New York. In the past week, this blog has been hit by folks from such exotic locales as Oman and Swisher, Iowa. There's somebody in New Jersey who checks in regularly then clicks through to my friend Trooperdog's blog. Who are you, New Jersey? Say hello sometime. What's freakily meta is that sometimes my visitors are strangers whose sites I've visited who want to see who I am.

Anyway, visitors, your location/duration of visit/search terms are safe with me, mostly because I can't be bothered to check any of them out. I'm too busy, a la James Frey, trying to alchemize a workplace conversation into blogging gold.


Curtis said...

I'd like to know precisely what you mean by the phrase "jack things up?"

I'd say the picture of Tricia and Taylor from Recipe for Danger jacks things up a bit, no?

shandon said...

Come to think of it, this picture of Dolly gets a lot of hits, too:

I'd say her outfit definitely jacks things up a bit.