Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Best phone message EVER

My friend Lucy is in New York right now. Tonight, while I was out to dinner, she left the world's best message on my answering machine:

"Hey, Shandon. It's Lucy. I'm calling 'cause you're not gonna believe the cabdriver I got tonight. He was totally the six-fingered man. You're the only person on earth who would understand the significance of that. This six-fingered man -- I swear to God, he had six fingers! -- totally drove me to my hotel tonight."

And if you don't understand the significance of that, well, I may not be able to be your friend anymore.


Will said...

I hope your friend didn't kill his father.

Trooperdog said...

I love it!!!

~ Lucy said...

I was SO sorry that you weren't home for the big event. I'm even more sorry that I didn't get a picture of it. Bummer!