Monday, March 03, 2008

A walk in the woods

Yesterday Norman and I went hiking in Millard Canyon, which is tucked away at the top of Altadena. It is probably named after the owner of the Millard House or her spouse, though I don't know how either of them got so famous they got a whole canyon, complete with waterfall, named after them.

The canyon itself is very serene -- hiking it, not so much. The path, at times, is barely present, and it is strewn with boulders and fallen trees. I am desperately out of shape and what should have been a pretty easy hike left me winded and sweaty.

On top of the world!

Slip slidin' away. At least he didn't fall down, like I did. Twice. P.S. Don't look at his dorky rolled-up cuffs.

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