Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered

I have had either a nasty cold or a touch of flu for the past few days, and I stayed home from work this morning in hopes of speeding up my recovery. Norman called me just before noon, sounding excited, and told me to turn to the Food Network.

I fumbled with the remote, trying to figure out which channel the Food Network is on. At last Paula Deen appeared on my screen. She was just about to drop a rectangular piece of something beige into a vat of boiling oil.

"What's she making?" I asked. "Fish and chips?"

"I think it's deep-fried cheesecake," Norman said in a hushed, reverent tone.

In silence we watched the dough-encrusted cheesecake sizzle away in its oil bath. Paula lifted it out and dusted it with powdered sugar, then sliced it in half with a big knife. Melted dark chocolate and gooey cheesecake oozed onto the plate.

"Oohhhh," I moaned. "I didn't know we get porn on our cable system."

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area51 said...

I'm hungry.