Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Book of the week #2

Mmmmm, one of my favorite words: creamy. Recipes include Lime Tart with Brown Butter Crust, Chocolate Truffle Cake with Cardamom Praline, Venetian-style Fried Custard, and Creamy Rice Pudding Cake. Fear not: I will try them all for you and make sure they're truly luscious.

In fact, I found a huge array of dessert cookbooks on one of the to-be-shelved carts this morning, which is a difficult way to start the day. (Difficult because I don't have access to any of the wonders they are extolling.) Cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, pies, and, weirdly enough, those dreadful Peeps were among the temptations featured on the dessert cart. Even a stack of Diablo Cody's memoir Candy Girl made my mouth water, though not for reasons you sickos might be imagining.


kb said...

I am a huge fan of rice pudding! You have to let me know how that recipe turns out. It sounds wonderful!

Norman said...

I am NOT a sicko!

(Er, protesting too much?)

Trooperdog said...

Major Yum!

Dr Zibbs said...

If you love the word creamy you must at least like the word moist.