Saturday, February 16, 2008


I couldn't commit to Blog365. Those people, who are going to update their blogs every single day in 2008, are crazy. Ambitious and wonderful and creative in ways I can't begin to imagine, but crazy nonetheless. I've been quietly proud that I managed to stick with NaBloPoMo for all of November last year, and I haven't had any more grandiose ambitions for How's Annie? than looking forward to this year's NaBloPoMo.

Until now. Damn you, Mrs. Kennedy! NaBloPoMo founder Eden Kennedy has come up with the (admittedly fun) idea of giving the post-every-day thing a whirl any old month of the year. November will remain the big, get-everyone-involved month, but bloggers can now commit to daily posting during any 30-day period in 2008. NaBloPoMo will kindly suggest an optional theme for every month (March's is LISTS), and any interested party can leap in and start writing.

I'm interested.

Look for lists every day in March. Feel free to suggest ideas for lists, or demand that I list things you're just dying to hear my opinion on. Fair warning, though: some days you may get a scan of my grocery shopping list. I'm just sayin'. So . . . ideas, please!


Anonymous said...

Here's a whole list of lists:

1. Favorite roadside attractions/tourists traps
2. Childhood goodies you can't find anymore
3. People whose names sound like food
4. Food whose names sound like people
5. Things you miss from Disneyland's past
6. GOOD bad movies
7. Greatest "shoot cussing" ersatz profanity
8. Things you wore in past decades that you thought were really cool at the time
9. Personal procrastination list
10. Things you'd happily do without on a desert island.

shandon said...

Awesome! Thank you, whoever you are.