Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Part of my job -- probably the part I like least -- is setting up the big display windows outside the store. It's hot, dusty work, and I don't enjoy working in confined spaces. Fortunately, I only have to change the windows a few times a year, so I put a little effort into each display I set up. For instance, here is an array of dog books and merchandise that is due to come down soon:

Brilliant? No way. I wouldn't even say it's one of my best efforts. But it's eye-catching and has some variety (not to mention some weird items, such as a book on how to throw themed parties for your dog). I'm not ashamed of it. Still, it looks like just about every other window I've ever dressed. Ho hum.

When I feel insecure about my work, I look at the window display in the used bookstore across the street from us:

There's a lot of glare on that window so it may be hard to see. Let me draw your attention to a bit of the detail:

What the hell is that? I'd be offended by the complete lack of caring if I weren't so wigged out by the strangeness. It makes me feel a LOT better about my own display windows.

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