Friday, January 04, 2008

Battening down the hatches

Storm Watch 2008! I'll bet that's the lead story on all the local news shows. Supposedly there are three big rainstorms headed for SoCal, the first of which is supposed to arrive this afternoon. (Actually, it was supposed to arrive last night, so I'm already irritated at it -- I despise tardiness in both humans and weather systems.) I know we need the rain, and spacing it out over a number of days is probably the wisest way to receive it, but I can't help wishing all the storms would show up at once and decide to duke it out for superiority. I would sincerely love to be stuck inside this weekend during a superstorm, listening to thunder and cowering from lightning strikes while rain pools around the foundation of our gutterless house.

Right now it's all about waiting, and what's making it worse is I've got a sick headache I can't seem to shake. Normally I'd pop a couple of ibuprophen tabs, but I think my tendency to do just that is what's causing the headache -- I believe I've got "bounce-back" pain or whatever they call it. So I need to ride this one out. Maybe, once the lulling sound of the rain starts, I can catch some zzzzzzs and sleep off this pounding ache behind my forehead.

Oh, and I must tell you about my favorite new napping spot. I'm chronically sleepy and can doze off just about anywhere, but of course I prefer my bed or the couch in our den. Since Christmas, though, I'm in love with naps in our old La-Z-Boy recliner, now that I'm equipped with perfect slippers and a heated throw thanks to the most thoughtful and wonderful husband in the world. The chair is perfectly situated to take advantage of our television surround-sound system, and I have an excellent gooseneck lamp next to it that's ideal for reading or doing cross stitch. Some evenings I get so cozy in my chair that it's difficult to drag myself to bed. Today the La-Z-Boy seems like the perfect place to ride out these imminent storms.


~ Lucy said...

Holy cow! That slippers/throw combo looks unbeatable. I hope your headache gets better very soon so you can enjoy the rain as much as I plan to.

kb said...

There's nothing better than curling up in a chair while it rains, whether to read a book, watch TV or just take a much needed nap! Enjoy!

Catalina said...

It's possible that your headache is sinus pressure that's affected by the change in atmospheric pressure (dropping)and you might not get real relief until the rain begins. That used to happen to me a lot before I figured out what was going on. Storm #1 of the 3 has passed. It was a doozy so head for your chair.